Single Point Load Cell

Execution Standard
GB/T 7551-2008 Certificate
(eqv OIML R60)
Combined error : 0.015%

Sealed to IEC 529:
Protection grade: IP66. Enclusure is immersed in water in its service position for 30min.
Lowest point of enclosure less than 850mm tall=1000mm below surface of water.
Highest point of enclosure more than 850mm tall=150mm below surface of water.
(In mm. 1mm = 0.03937 inches)



Circuit Diagram:
Electrical Termination
4 Core cable standard lengths:3m.
Diameter: Φ4.2
Refer to the following drawing: singel-point-load-cell3

Notice: Do not change the length of cable, or else, it will effect the sensitivity of load cell.

Spesifikasi :

Item\ Parameter C3 Unit
Rated load (Emax): 50~700 kg
Maximal numbers of load cell verification
Intervals (Nlc):
3000 d
Minimum load cell verification intervals

Intervals ( Vmin):

0.01 % of rated load
Rated output (Cn): 2.0±0.5% mV/V
Combined error: 0.015 ±% of rated output
Temperature effect on sensitivity(Tkc): 0.002 ±% of rated output/℃
Temperature effect on zero balance(Tk0): 0.001 ±% of rated output/℃
Zero balance: 1.0 ±% of rated output
Input resistance(Rlc): 385±15 Ω(Ohms)
Output resistance(Ro): 350±3 Ω(Ohms)
Insulation resistance: ≥5000 MΩ (Mega-Ohms)
Safe overload: 150 % of rated capability
Ultimate overload: 300 % of rated capability
Operating temperature range: -10~+40/14~+104 ℃/ °F
Recommend excitation: 8~12 V( DC or AC)
Maximum excitation: 18 V( DC or AC)
Material of elastomer: Alloy steel / Stainless steel
Protection class: IP67/IP68

The data for deviation of synthesis error, TK0, TKc are typical values. The sum of these
data meets the requirements according to OIML R60.